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After interacting with my ex friends on a negative note I have realized the ideals many stand by are corrupted. People go out of their way just to feel like they have something interesting in their lives. I realized all my hobbies and ineterests are actually normal my "ex friends" are the weird ones who pretend to dislike what I enjoy just they can aquire satisfaction that incomes from my less happy state of being.

The truth

You guys aren’t even making fun of babycore, you’re saying stupid stuff to garner a reaction from me because you are so incredibly disinterested in your own lives that mocking something totally normal to upset a teenage girl on the internet brings you satisfaction because you need to feel in control of something. I don’t even care that much I’m just upset that you are this foolish and immature. Seriously, get a hobby. Preferably one that doesn’t include making fun of something totally harmless such an AESTHETIC because you have nothing better to dedicate your time to. Seriously, you’re attacking an aesthetic. You’re making fun of plushies and kids clothes. It’s an aesthetic. You’re not even mocking age regression or cgl (which deserves to be mocked.) Seriously, what’s next? Making fun of lovecore because you’re lonely? “oh haha imagine being loved lol can’t relate!” “Oh you like the color pink? You like hearts? You like giving love and receiving love? haha fucking loser imagine actually being a decent person that’s deserving of love and affection lmao god I wish my parents still cared about me.” Like, I don’t even care that you’re making fun of babycore, please continue. You guys just look retards because you aren’t even making fun of the right thing. Seriously, I give no fucks, but I do find it pathetic that you are so painfully bored in your own lives, that you come to the internet to make fun of something that is actually harmless.


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